Corporate Solutions

Our Committment

Market globalization is forcing businesses to seek new channels for economic expansion. This is where our mission and engagement plays a very important issue to answer adequately and fast to companies.

  • Respect the registration dates.
  • To deliver all the products that the company ordered at a competitive price.
  • To assemble a program with innovative teaching methods in order to continuously improve our teaching process.
  • To develop quality customs solutions, you are entitled to receive from a company who wants to keep its reputation create relations based on trust and common interest with our customers.

The Choice of Excellence

Companies of today’s world need to implement or upgrade their employees communication skills in administrative and management information systems applications. Businesses seldom have the necessary resources available to meet these needs in a successful or timely manner. We offer our services at your convenience. College Platon offers a rigorous education program of a traditional cast helping our clients attain effective communication skills.


College Platon’s clients follow a standard Language curriculum focusing on Grammar, Written exercises and conversation tailored to their individual talents and ambitions. These factors in particular set this institute apart from others:

  • Students may be taught from their mother tongue.
  • Unusual emphasis is put on grammar and oral expression.
  • Training sessions are given on location or at the school.
  • Our program is cost effective.
  • Our teachers are highly qualified and motivated.
  • Impeccable teaching methods are geared to the specific needs of the clients.

We use a placement test that indicates the level of the linguistic competency of the client. It is this examination which will enable the college to assign each client to his or her level. The placement exam takes approximately half an hour. The evaluation is based on the following three categories:

  • Oral Presentation
  • Comprehension
  • Grammar

Our students follow a standard Language curriculum focusing mainly on grammar and oral expression in order to get the client communicating and understanding the language. College Platon will design a program to teach and improve language skills in the shortest time possible. College Platon will help you to form groups, which will achieve your specific objectives within foreseen time limits and budgets.

Our objective is to deliver language-training programs that are designed to meet you specific goals, therefore we integrate your work situation into the training sessions to meet your communication needs.