Workshop CV Interview

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1st Session – 60 Minutes
  • Groups will consist of 6 candidates (maximum)
  • Objectives of the 1st session
    – Show the candidates the importance of a good résumé
    – Explain what employers are looking for when they meet potential employees
    – Present different samples of “résumés” available on the market today
    – Explain / Fill a basic résumé “Step by Step”
  • Candidates will be asked to prepare their personal data for each of the points / categories in the résumé document for the next session
2nd Session – 60 Minutes
  • Review the “résumé” model step by step
    – The instructor will work with each candidate to ensure that their résumés have the necessary and appropriate data needed for an interview
    – Complete the data review and the draft ‘résumé’ for everyone
  • Ask the candidates to think of a position for which they would like to be interviewed should they apply for a job / position
  • Ask candidates to prepare and complete their résumé as a final document
  • Ask candidates to ensure that they are prepared for a job interview based on their ‘résumé’ document.


3rd Session – 30 minutes (individual)
  • Have employees meet with the instructor to:
    – Tell him what position they are applying for
    – Present their résumé
    – Have a 20 minute simulated interview
    – Receive feedback on their performance and what improvements should be made for the future


WeekCourseRegistration FeeTotal
4 weeks$120$55$175